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  • P1 Does the degree of labeling have an effect on antibody affinity?
    Agnes Szabo, Timea Szatmari, Ildiko Radi, Laszlo Ujlaky-Nagy, Janos Szollosi, Peter Nagy
  • P2 The dynamic of Tff1 and Tff3 peptide presence in mouse embryonic gastrointestinal system from day 14 to 18 of intrauterine development
    Nikola Bijelić, Tatjana Belovari, Ivana Lovrić, Mirela Baus Lončar
  • P3 A novel and economical staining method for quick identification and evaluation of FFPE sections in a histology laboratory
    Edi Rođak, Ivana Lovrić, Nikola Bijelić, Tatjana Belovari
  • P4 Localising fluorescence to improve correlative light and electron microscopy workflows: ultraLM and miniLM
    Elisabeth Brama, Christopher J. Peddie, Gary Wilkes, Yan Gu, Lucy M. Collinson, Martin L. Jones
  • P5 Dynamic imaging of plant cortical microtubules using structured illumination microscopy
    O. Šamajová, G. Komis, M. Mistrik, M. Ovečka, J. Bartek, J. Šamaj
  • P6 Light sheet microscopy of tissue-specific and developmentally-regulated nuclear localization of END BINDING protein 1c in root tip cells of Arabidopsis thaliana
    M. Ovečka, D. Novák, A. Kuchařová, G. Komis, J. Šamaj
  • P7 Characterization of fluorophore saturation factor for STED microscopy using the apparent total area of sub-resolution natural cellular structures
    Christian A. Combs, Dan L. Sackett, Jay R. Knutson
  • P8 A compact and versatile light sheet microscopy platform for research and education
    Michael Weber
  • P9 ClickPoints – a powerful open-source toolbox for annotating and analyzing scientific image time-series and image stacks
    Richard C. Gerum, Sebastian Richter, Ben Fabry, Daniel P. Zitterbart
  • P10 The effect of ligand stimulation and ErbB2 coexpression on the association state of ErbB3
    Timea Varadi, Mario Brameshuber, Eva Sevcsik, Florian Baumgart, Gyula Batta, Janos Szollosi, Gerhard Schütz, Peter Nagy
  • P11 MIAP (Microscopy and Image Analysis Platform) Freiburg - a joint network for scientific imaging and image analysis infrastructure
    Sylvia G. Olberg, Roland Nitschke
  • P12 Determination of stem cells differentiation using Quantitative Phase Imaging
    Sherazade Aknoun, Shin Kawamata, Takako Yamamoto, Benoit Wattellier
  • P13 Fast recording of whole mouse brains with aspheric light sheet microscopy
    Hans-Ulrich Dodt, Saiedeh Saghafi, Klaus Becker, Christian Hahn, Marko Pende, Inna Sabdyusheva-Litschauer, Martina Wanis, Massih Foroughpour
  • P14 Fast 3D tracking of chromosome congression in starfish oocytes by inverted selective-plane illumination microscopy (iSPIM)
    M. Burdyniuk, A. Callegari, P. Bun, L. Hufnagel, P. Lénart
  • P15 High-resolution, selective and multiplexed DNA damage for DNA repair studies in live cells with a multicolor compact femtosecond fiber laser system
    Michael Schmalz, Claudio Michaelis, Eva Gwosch, Felix Schindler, Ines Wieser, Martin T Stöckl, Alfred Leitenstorfer, Elisa Ferrando-May
  • P16 Near IR confocal imaging gets even brighter: A 730nm laser for confocal excitation
    Owen M. Schwartz, Juraj Kabat
  • P17 Modern software toolboxes for reconstructing structured illumination images: Comparison from a users point of view
    Maria Smedh, Christian Karras, Rainer Heintzmann, Julia Fernandez-Rodriguez
  • P18 Automated image processing and analysis software for epithelial cells quantification
    Mustafa M. Sami, Yosuke Ogura, Yu-Chiun Wang, Shigeo Hayashi
  • P19 Flexi-SPIM: A modular multimodal platform for classical and high-throughput light-sheet microscopy
    Emilio J. Guadla, Marta F. Estrada, Sofia Rebelo, Catarina Brito, Pablo Loza-Alvarez
  • P20 Rapid FLIM: the new and innovative method for ultra-fast imaging of biological processes
    Sandra Orthaus-Mueller, Marcelle Koenig, Rhys Dowler, Ben Kraemer, Astrid Tannert, Tino Roehlicke, Michael Wahl, Hans-Juergen Rahn, Matthias Patting, Felix Koberling, Rainer Erdmann
  • P21 Improved multi-parameter wide-field imaging and spectroscopy system
    Sandra Orthaus-Mueller, Sebastian Tannert, Rainer Erdmann, Michael Beek, Claus Seidel, Werner Zuschratter, Bernd Müller, Ottmar Jagutzki
  • P22 The image recovery procedures for the optical vortex scanning microscope
    Jan Masajada, Agnieszka Popiołek-Masajada
  • P23 Light sheet microscopy of cleared and fluorescently labeled whole adult fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster
    Marko Pende, Martina Wanis, Rashmit Kaur, Saiedeh Saghafi, Christian Hahn, Klaus Becker, Thomas Hummel, Hans-Ulrich Dodt
  • P24 Workflow to evaluate the dynamic range of microscopes and facilitate high dynamic range imaging
    R. Guiet, J. Artacho, A. Seitz
  • P25 Simple determination of microscope objective features in fluorescence microscopy
    Arnaud Royon
  • P26 A generic tool for lightsheet sample holders
    Thierry Laroche, Olivier Burri, Samuel Gex, Arne Seitz
  • P27 TRACMIT: an algorithm for tracking single cells on micropattern through mitosis
    Olivier Burri, Benita Wolf, Arne seitz, Pierre Gönczy
  • P28 Characterisation of heterogeneous cell subpopulations of primary prostate epithelial cell cultures derived from patient tissue by label-free ptychography, to develop a pre-clinical drug-testing model
    Rakesh Suman, Richard Kasprowicz, Amanda Noble, Fiona M. Frame, Peter O’Toole, Norman J. Maitland
  • P29 Gold nanoparticles for accurate measurement of PSF in wide spectral range
    Yury Belyaev, Natalie Nevian, Thomas Nevian
  • P30 The development of NF-kappa B imaging techniques: transfer from an ex vivo to an in vivo model
    Stamatia Papoutsopoulou, Peter March, Katie Lloyd, Michael Burkitt, Chris Probert, Michael White,, David Spiller, Werner Muller
  • P31 Cellular image data handling at Monash University
    Keith E. Schulze, Alex J. Fulcher, James M. Wettenhall, Grischa R. Meyer, Jason D. Rigby, Anitha Kannan, Paul C. Bonnington, Wojtek J. Goscinski, David L. Potter, Stephen D. Firth, Ian S. Harper
  • P32 Quantitative comparison of microscope setups for lipid droplet identification and characterisation
    J. Firmino, A. Seitz
  • P33 Mitochondrial distribution, dynamics and structure within the primary fibroblast derived from patients diagnosed with sporadic form of Alzheimer’s disease
    Karolina Drabik, Dominika Malińska, Grażyna Dębska-Vielhaber, Stefan Vielhaber, Jerzy Duszyński, Joanna Szczepanowska
  • P34 The TLR4 adaptor TRAM controls phagocytosis of Gram-negative bacteria
    Astrid Skjesol, Mariia Yurchenko, Terje Espevik, Harald Husebye, Kjartan W. Egeberg, Bjørnar Sporsheim
  • P35 Spectral confocal microscopy and three dimensional structured illumination microscopy (3D-SIM) to evaluate pre- and post-synaptic markers in cortical neurons over-expressing SVCT2
    G. Cerda, K. Salazar, F. Nualart
  • P36 Finding optimal fluorescent labeling ratio for super resolution microscopy
    M. Marsal, J. Andilla, M. Cunquero, E. Viñas, P. Loza-Alvarez
  • P37 Light sheet microscopy for high content 3-D imaging of 3-D tissue cultures in a 96-well plate format
    Vincent Maioli, Hugh Sparks, George Chennell, Vicky Bousgouni, Mar Arias Garcia, Patricia Pascual Vargas, Tobia Lana, Sunil Kumar, Alessandro Sardini, David Carling, Chris Bakal, Chris Dunsby
  • P38 Single molecule localisation microscopy: super resolution imaging and much more
    Romain Le Bars, Julien Burger, Laetitia Besse, Stephane Duigou, Frederic Boccard, Beatrice Satiat-Jeunemaitre
  • P39 Life science imaging across scales: Correlated Multimodal Imaging Node Austria (CMI)
    Andreas Walter
  • P40 The TLR4 adaptor TRAM controls phagocytosis of gram-negative bacteria through interaction with the Rab11-family interacting protein 2
    Astrid Skjesol, Mariia Yurchenko, Federica Agliano, Francesco Patane, Giuseppe Teti, Mary Mccaffrey, Terje Espevik, Harald Husebye
  • P41 SQUIRREL: Quantitative mapping and minimisation of super-resolution image artefacts
    Sian Culley, David Albrecht, Caron Jacobs, Christophe Leterrier, Jason Mercer, Ricardo Henriques
  • P42 Studying membrane nanotubes and their transport processes with live cell superresolution SIM microscopy
    H. Halász, A. Ghadaksaz, T. Madarász, A. Osteikoetxea-Molnár, E. A. Tóth, K. Huber, M. Nyitrai, J. Matkó, E. Szabó-Meleg
  • P43 Advanced fluorescence microscopy of plant plasma membrane proteins
    Kateřina Malínská, Martina Laňková, Jan Petrášek
  • P44 Stealth properties characterization of gold nanoparticles for biomedical applications by means of fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
    Alessandro Silvestri, Desirè Di Silvio, Irantzu Llarena, Marcello Marelli, Luigi Lay, Laura Polito, Sergio Enrique Moya
  • P45 Receptor clusters persist in blebbing membranes of T lymphoma cells
    Gabor Mocsar, Julianna Volko, Anna Madarasz, Katalin Toth, Thomas A. Waldmann, Stefan Wieser,, Gyorgy Vereb, Gerhard Schütz,, Andrea Doczy-Bodnar, Gyorgy Vamosi
  • P46 Correlative microscopy–leveraging nanodiamonds as intracellular dual-contrast markers
    N. Prabhakar, M. Peurla, S. Koho, T. Deguchi, T. Näreoja, H.-C. Chang, J. Rosenholm, P. Hänninen
  • P47 Novel room concepts for advanced light microscope facilities
    Hans-Ulrich Fried, Christian Kukat
  • P48 MUCIC: Masaryk University cell image collection for evaluation of bioimage analysis methods
    David Svoboda, Vladimír Ulman, Michal Kozubek
  • P49 A multi-photon microscope for imaging in awake animals in large environmental setups
    Hans-Ulrich Fried, Kevin Keppler, Monika Müller, Martin Fuhrmann
  • P50 Visualization and analysis of small GTPases dynamics in highly motile cells
    Marko Šoštar, Maja Marinović, Vedrana Filić, Vlatka Antolović, Igor Weber
  • P51 Structured illumination microscopy strategies for live plant cell imaging
    G. Komis, O. Šamajová, M. Ovečka, J. Šamaj
  • P52 Development of open source “easySTORM” microscopy platform with HPC data analysis
    Stina Guldbrand, Ian Munro, Kwasi Kwakwa, Edwin Garcia, Sunil Kumar, Alexander Savell, Timothy Davies, Simona Parrinello, Marco Purbhoo,, Mark Neil, Christopher Dunsby, Paul French
  • P53 German BioImaging: Recommendations for ALM-CF operations
    Nadine Utz
  • P54 Lightwedge and lightsheet-Raman microscopy
    Walter Müller, Ulrich Leischner, Michael Schmitt, Jürgen Popp, Rainer Heintzmann
  • P55 Depth resolution at low numerical apertures: exploiting propagation time differences
    Christian Karras, Wolfgang Paa, Herbert Stafast
  • P56 Image reconstruction fidelity in localization microscopy
    Blazej Ruszczycki, Tytus Bernas
  • P57 Use of Micromanager to support a multi-user imaging facility
    A,P. Wheeler, M.T. Pearson

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  • Early registration payment deadline – March 30th 2017
  • Regular registration deadline – April 30th 2017

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